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The market of free-to-play games is expanding every day, and Backflip Studios is one of the companies positioned to take the center stage, first with their Army of Darkness Defense, and now with DragonVale. For those who don’t know anything about freemium games, these are entirely free to play, no membership or monthly fees involved. You’ll have to put up with some advertising during the game, this is how the producers get their money back, and you have the option to buy certain items for cash (in this case, such items are DragonVale gems, gold, and treats), but you don’t have to, you can continue to play for free for as long as you want.

For those who know what these games are all about, and who’ve been addicted to them in the past years – you’ll love DragonVale. Let’s face it, breeding dragons is a lot cooler than breeding plants or cows and pigs, so this is definitely a step up from the currently existing options.

The story is pretty simple: you start on a bare island, where you’ll breed dragons, from eggs, mating various types to obtain new hybrids. Then you organize your island as a sort of an amusement park, with decorations and rides, and you get visitors, who pay cash to see your prized dragons. The main currency is represented by DragonVale gems, which can help you progress faster through some levels and obtain more spectacular results and a higher rank.

Don’t expect a Jurassic Park-type scenario, as your dragons are all very well behaved, and there won’t be any incidents and definitely no blood on screen, so this is a game suitable for all ages. As noted, you don’t have to purchase anything in order to keep playing; in fact, you’ll soon find out that you can get gold quite quickly with in-game scenarios, and the same goes for treats, so you don’t have to spend anything on them. With DragonVale gems, it’s a different story, as they are quite useful to help you advance, and, when you realize you have to wait 24 hours or so for an action to complete, you’ll feel quite tempted to make a small investment in your amusement park.

Another option to acquire DragonVale gems is to befriend as many people as possible, and to trade with them often. If you do a quick search online you’ll find many forums where players post their nicknames and ask others to befriend them (because that’s exactly what gamers need these days, more virtual friends they’ll never ever see in real life…). While this is free of charge, expect it to be rather time consuming, and quite boring, as you’ll be doing the same actions over and over again. Remember it’s important to return the favor, when somebody sends you a gem as gift, otherwise you’ll stop receiving gifts very soon.

Another option to get DragonVale gems is to install a hack, that will give you unlimited free gems. There are many hacks and cheats available – be careful, as some of them will actually make the game too easy to play, and therefore you’ll lose interest quickly.
All in all, this is a great game, definitely worth checking out. The dragons are cute (the rest of the graphics, however, are a bit of a disappointment), so be prepared to spend a few good hours in the company of prehistoric beasts!

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